Practice areas

We provide assistance in matters where our clients need "a roof over their heads", whether this means constructing a new building, procuring tailored leased premises or acquiring an already existing property.

Real estate

Our team of real estate specialists have extensive experience and through the years the team have provided assistance in some of the biggest real estate cases in Denmark. We make sure that the transaction process runs smoothly by investing the time, dedication and resources necessary at all transaction stages. It means that the process will be tailored to our client's needs and wishes.

We are specialists in:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Planning processes and structuring the purchase/sale of property portfolios/real estate companies
  • Legal due diligence investigations
  • Property development and property development projects
  • Providing advice to cooperative housing societies
  • Lease law
  • Financing of real estate
  • Registration

How we work

It is important to us that we understand our client's business so that we are able to target our advice in respect of the client's legal and commercial needs and challenges. By knowing our client's risk profile, investment horizon, etc., we provide value-creating advice and we hold a position of special trust as the client's advisor and do not merely act as an attorney.

We create a close relationship with the client by setting the right team of experienced advisors early in the process to safeguard the client's interests. In our experience, a small team consisting primarily of experienced specialists are able to provide a high degree of commercial and value-creating advice to the client, focusing on cost-effective advice of a high professional standard.


Our practice area specialists