Practice areas


New business models and processes are constantly being developed and a product's service life in the digital world gets shorter and shorter. In return, production and sometimes the actual production machinery are being outsourced. The ongoing development of and the integration into new systems and technologies also mean that businesses and authorities must constantly be reorganised and adapted.

Regardless of whether the objective is a transformation of the business, a cost reduction or a unique combination of several different objectives, outsourcing of IT and business processes continue to be an important competitive parameter.

Process focusing on close collaboration and efficiency

We know that an outsourcing decision means big investments. We also know that the stakes are high, that typically the project will attract significant attention and that sometimes outsourcing processes will involve conflicting interests. This is why we work closely and efficiently together with our clients throughout the entire process for the purpose of facilitating this task and achieving success through legal assistance for solutions that meet our clients' needs.

Our experience

Our outsourcing group are unique on the Danish market. In addition to our many years of experience gained from some of the biggest outsourcing projects in the public sector, several experienced and highly specialised attorneys have joined our outsourcing group in recent years. Their experience includes providing assistance to big companies for many years with outsourcing projects for customers and for leading IT and outsourcing service suppliers in connection with the outsourcing of IT and BPO.

We also have unique and extensive experience in handling regulated business activities, including in connection with the digital support of regulated business activities or processes. They are issues that require a special focus and regulation in connection with outsourcing projects if such processes or business are being considered.

It means that we are able to offer extensive professional knowledge with a high degree of outsourcing expertise which is supported by nuanced and updated knowledge of specific solutions and market standards.

We have provided advice and assistance in the following outsourcing matters:

  • operation, maintenance, support and further development of legacy systems used by the Danish state and other IT infrastructure critical to society, for example the state's salary systems

  • outsourcing the production of the Danish health insurance card

  • outsourcing and digitalising the distribution of payslips (digital payslips)

  • outsourcing and digitalising the handling of payment services (NemKonto)

  • framework agreement setup for ongoing outsourcing for the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT) and the Danish Agency for Governmental IT Services

We are also currently assisting the Danish Agency for Digitisation Organisation with drafting K04 which is an ambitious standard agreement for the procurement of IT operations by public authorities in particular. The agreement is being drafted following, among other things, a consultation process involving outsourcing service providers.