Practice areas

We are a dedicated team of highly specialised lawyers who advise the offshore sector on tender processes, con-tracts and agreements and disputes based on a holistic ap-proach where technical, commercial and legal knowledge is integrated into the suggested solutions.


The offshore sector is currently experiencing a constant focus on reducing the costs of energy in both the wind power industry and in the oil and gas industry, the consequence being increased specialisation and competition.

The development requires that operators and suppliers constantly optimise the operating expenses. At the same time, they must ensure optimal execution of complicated development projects that often involve great investments and which are to be the company's future revenue base.

We are a dedicated team of highly specialised lawyers who advise the offshore sector on tender processes, contracts and agreements and disputes based on a holistic approach where technical, commercial and legal knowledge is integrated into the suggested solutions.

We are very experienced in supporting complex and challenging projects, both nationally and internationally. In close cooperation with our regulatory, financing and transaction, environmental law and insurance specialists, among others, we offer specialist knowledge at the highest level throughout all processes.

Our assistance

Our advice covers all aspects of the value chain for using the energy sources in the offshore environment, whether it is exploration and extraction of oil and gas or the use of wind power.

Based on our in-depth and practical experience from the industry we assist with strategic considerations as well as negotiating, drafting and implementing all types of contracts and agreements relating to the offshore sector such as:

  • designing, producing and setting up offshore installations, designing, producing and laying pipelines and designing, producing and installing modules for example through EPC, EPCI, EPCMA and partnership agreements:
  • modification works, service and maintenance, including framework agreements, purchase orders and general terms of sale and delivery, including the Norwegian NF/NKT/NSC agreements and the CRINE, LOGIC and AIPN model contracts;
    offshore maritime services, including marine warranty surveyor, certification work, standby and supply services, cable and pipe laying, transportation and diving operations;
  • FEED, preliminary and seismic surveys, data sharing, data processing and other study and survey agreements;
  • hiring drilling rigs as well as agreements in relation to drilling operations and the construction of wells, including rig sharing agreements, etc.

We also assist the authorities, operators and rights holders with negotiating and entering into:

  • licence agreements, farm-in/farm-out, unitisation;
  • cooperation agreements, including joint operating agreements (JOAs);
  • proximity and crossing agreements;
  • tie-in agreements;
  • decommissioning and removal as well as a number of transactions, financing and insurance issues in such connection.

We have extensive dispute resolution experience and we have provided assistance in connection with some of the biggest disputes in the Danish part of the offshore sector, both before the ordinary courts and before national and international arbitration tribunals.

Our focus

Regardless of the size of the project or the job, we believe that value is created for the client by providing solution-oriented and "practical" advice where the focus is on the final result.

This is why we always tailor the process according to the commercial considerations that drive the contract or agreement as well as any special requests as to the type of the cooperation. We have extensive experience in working in and with complicated technical environments and it is important to us to have a high degree of integration in the projects that we are involved in, preferably at the location if possible.

Our advice takes into account that a good contract or agreement cannot in itself guarantee a successful project process and we focus on assisting with the implementation of the contract or agreement in the project's other management tools, training and assistance with contract and claim management for the purpose of supporting the commercial considerations governing the project.

As part of our advice we often serve as a sounding board or participate in project groups with other consultants and advisors. We participate in negotiations with contracting parties, often in tailored negotiation processes.

Our assistance with dispute resolution and process management is always provided in accordance with a mutual agreement on the strategic process objectives and with an understanding of the company's core values and other procedures. In the case of big disputes, we approach the dispute resolution process as a project where together with the client we decide on the detailed framework for the project, including the communication tools and handling the interfaces to the necessary technical resources.