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We are Denmark’s leading litigation firm. Poul Schmith conducts and closes almost 1500 legal actions annually.


Poul Schmith conducts and closes almost 1500 legal actions annually. More than 60-80 of those legal actions are actions before the Danish Supreme Court. We also represent clients in more than 100 arbitrations including industrial arbitrations annually. It means that we are Denmark’s leading litigation firm.

The cases that we handle are often extensive, of great financial importance and of significant technical and legal complexity.

Our objective is always to get the best possible results for our clients.

We are successful in the far majority of the legal actions that go all the way to be set down for judgment. As for the other legal actions that have either been settled or withdrawn, we are usually successful.

Disputes require substantial resources and they often pose challenges to collaborations. They take away the focus from what businesses, organisations and authorities prefer to produce. For this reason, disputes in commercial situations must be resolved quickly and in the right way so that instead the energy can be applied to developing and running the business or the administration.

We are used to be “brought on board” at all stages of the process. Some times we advise on the problem before a landmark decision is made and help follow the case through before the courts. At other times we become involved far later on in the proceedings. The common feature is that we turn our many years of experience into solutions.

Our position as Denmark’s leading litigation firm enables us to use our extensive knowledge and experience when handling disputes elsewhere than before the ordinary courts such as by arbitration or mediation.


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