Practice areas

To a wide extent all private businesses and public authorities produce knowledge, enjoy their trademark and depend on the exclusive right provided by IP law. Increased digitalisation, electronic communications and communication of information mean that there is a continuing need for protecting and enforcing the rights before the rights have an actual value.


Our advice

Our advice covers a wide range of matters regarding intellectual property rights, patents, domains, trademarks and other rights to names and business secrets.

Our customers include private businesses in different parts of the life science industry, public authorities, research institutions, universities, etc. Here are some examples of the assistance that we provide:

  • IP strategies - design, revision and implementation

  • legal and arbitration proceedings about infringements of rights

  • injunction proceedings - conducting or defending against injunction proceedings

  • licence agreements, collaboration agreements or other contracts and agreements - conclusion, drafting and interpretation

  • protection against infringements on the internet

  • creation of blogs and other forums on websites

  • protection of IP rights by using "new" technologies such as AI and big data

  • prevention of domain name piracy

  • prevention of conflicts - guidance on how to be at the forefront of developments

  • transfer of IP rights, renewal and enforcement of trademark registrations

  • patent law problems

  • considerations in respect of the interaction with the special rules applying to inventions made at public research institutions 

The Danish Board of Appeal for Patents and Trademarks and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office are among some of the biggest customers that we advise and assist in cases before, among others, the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court, the Danish Eastern High Court and the Danish Supreme Court in connection with reviews of trademark and patent decisions.