Practice areas


Kammeradvokaten advises the insurance industry (insurance companies and insurance brokers), other private enterprises and the Danish Government on insurance matters.

Supply and demand is steadily growing for both traditional insurance products, products covering the new digital age and specific insurable interests.

At Kammeradvokaten/Law Firm Poul Schmith we have a strong team of specialists with the proper knowledge and expertise to provide advice in the field of insurance. This applies whether you need advice on:

  • "whether the insurance covers"
  • assistance with dispute resolution, either by avoiding the dispute or by resolving the dispute in or outside court or arbitration
  • clarification of recourse issues planning and implementation of insurance programmes, national as well as international

- and a wide range of other areas.

We have wide experience in dispute resolution. We appear in courts and tribunals at all levels, including arbitration, and several of our attorneys are certified mediators and arbitrators.

At Kammeradvokaten / Law Firm Poul Schmith we have the resources to handle large case portfolios. Our advice is based on well-tested build-up of knowledge and internal knowledge-sharing which contribute to ensuring the consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of the solution of the task - and which ease the process in your organisation.