Practice areas

We are specialised in providing advice to FinTech businesses.


The term FinTech refers to businesses operating in the area between the financial sector and the IT sector. FinTech covers both start-up IT businesses and big financial players that develop and provide financial services in areas such as crowdlending, equity crowdfunding, digital payment solutions, trade in digital currencies, including Bitcoins and blockchain technology, and trade in securities and currency.

FinTech is developing rapidly and each year big global investments are made in FinTech businesses. We help create an overview in an area characterised by rapid Development.

Our advice

We provide advice on the interpretation and application of the rules on payment services (PSD and PSD II), the rules on money laundering and the funding of terrorism (AML and KYC), MiFID, MiFID II, MiFIR and FAIF as well as on the data processing rules.

Many FinTech businesses must have an authorisation and are subject to the supervision of the Danish FSA. We have in-depth knowledge of the supervision's practice and the requirements to be fulfilled by the newly established financial businesses and we have extensive experience in both the application and interpretation of the Danish and the EU law authorisation requirements etc.


  • Advice on and assistance with applying for an authorisation from the Danish FSA
  • Structuring the documentation for equity crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms
  • General advice on digital payment solutions
  • Exchange platforms for digital currencies (for example Bitcoins)
  • Advice on businesses whose technology is based on blockchain
  • Digital wallet providers
  • Onboarding solutions for the financial sector and compliance with the AML and KYC rules
  • Advice on the processing and storage of data and sensitive information