Practice areas

We are specialists in advising on the supply areas electricity, natural gas, heating, water, renewable energy as well as oil and gas.

Energy supply

The supply areas are characterised by strict regulation which causes many different and complex problems.

We have specialist knowledge of and extensive experience in the supply areas electricity, natural gas, heating, water, renewable energy as well as oil and gas.

We combine our specialist knowledge with in-depth knowledge of the special administrative law issues that often arise when handling energy matters. We often draw on our knowledge of the political and legislative processes as well as on the authorities' decision-making processes.

Our advice

Our advice covers a wide field in the various sectors. We advise on questions about statutory authority and assist with drafting decisions in specific cases and with the drafting of bills. We also litigate in cases involving energy law and we have extensive experience in litigation and the strategic planning of legal actions.

Main challenges

Energy law is becoming more complex and the players operating in the area face big challenges because of the close regulatory ties.

The supply sector is facing increased demands to improve efficiency and change to energy resources that are more neutral in terms of their environmental impact. It must also be expected that future regulation will lead to increased consolidation in some of the sectors.

We are very experienced in advising on the problems arising in connection with paradigm shifts where old regulation is replaced in whole or in part by new rules.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration

Because of the complexity of the cases in the energy area our advice often covers other subject areas. Our multi-specialist approach gives the client the best solution.

That is why we work in close teams with our other practice groups. It means that we will involve our tender specialists if the case is about the establishment of an offshore wind farm or our state aid specialists if the case is about a renewable energy support scheme.

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