Practice areas

Defence and security

Denmark's foreign and security policy status has changed with our participation in international coalitions and peacekeeping operations, the Danish Mohammad cartoons in 2006 and a general increased threat of terrorism.

As a consequence, the Danish Armed Forces, the Danish Emergency Management Agency, the Danish police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and other authorities have a special need for advice on how to handle the special challenges in the defence and security areas in respect of:

  • Procurement procedures without complying with the usual procurement rules
  • Advice on procurement according to the special Defence and Security Procurement Directive
  • Privatisations conditional on maintaining the security of supply in the privatised area
  • Supporting the execution of tasks by "secure IT" and IT systems
  • The special rules on the production, import and export of arms and munitions
  • Handling know-how in connection with military and security research and development
  • Collaboration with other countries on defence and security
  • We meet this need by providing advice and serving as a sounding board and by drafting memoranda, contracts and country disclosure statements and we also facilitate exchange of experiences between the different players in the area

Our advice

We conduct litigation on contracts and we represent clients in connection with complaints if specific acquisitions are brought before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement (Klagenævnet for Udbud).

We advise on the strategic and specific legal issues that are important to our clients' objectives in their fields and will, if necessary, hold talks with the European Commission if the matter so requires.

Our people on the defence and security team are all experienced in handling the special considerations that are a factor in the area and they have all been granted security clearances.


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