Practice areas

We advise companies on all legal issues, from questions about contemplating to establish a company to questions about the day-to-day operation.

Corporate matters

Our team provide advice to our customers on all legal issues relating to companies, private and public.

We have extensive knowledge of the various company law rules and of their importance in practice and we always do our utmost to adjust our legal advice to our customers' specific needs and wishes, including our customers' commercial reality.

We advise on all corporate forms (public limited companies (A/S), private limited companies (ApS), partnerships (I/S), limited partnerships (K/S), limited partnership companies, entrepreneur companies etc.) and on all areas of company law.


  • Choosing the right corporate form, including serving as a sounding board in connection with the process from getting an idea to establishing a Company

  • Drafting the memorandum of association and the other company documents (articles of association, register of shareholders, rules of procedure etc.)

  • Advice in connection with entering into shareholders' agreements/partnership agreements between the owners of the Company

  • Handling and preparing the general meetings, the meetings of the board of directors etc.

  • Questions about the company's compliance with various registration obligations (including the registration of significant shareholdings and beneficial owners)

  • Questions about a reorganisation and/or liquidation of already existing Companies

  • Questions about the day-to-day operation, including about compliance with corporate governance requirements etc.

Our team have in-depth knowledge of the practice of the Danish Business Authority and draw on many years of experience in handling company law issues. It means that we have gained significant experience by providing assistance with the establishments of all autonomous public undertakings (SOV) in Denmark.