Practice areas

Our team of specialists have extensive experience in providing advice on basically any construction aspect. We are one of Denmark’s biggest and most specialised teams and we are widely recognised for our specialist expertise. The team’s experience in advising on big and complex constructions, which often attract much public attention and are of importance for society, is unique on the Danish market.


We provide assistance in all matters where our clients need “a roof over their heads”, whether this means constructing a new building or procuring (tailored) leased premises/building(s).

Our advice often covers the entire process from “idea to roof” where we provide assistance from the first ideas about moving or constructing building(s) up to the moment in time when the building is ready for occupation. We work closely together with our other specialists in for example acquisition of areas, rearrangement of cables, financing and transactions, environmental law etc. and it means that we are able to offer specialist advice at the highest level throughout the process.

Our team

We are a team of specialised legal advisors and we handle matters for Danish public institutions, including the government, stated-owned companies, regional authorities, local authorities, utility companies, universities and colleges of professional education and we also assist a number of cooperative housing societies. Finally, we also assist a number of purely commercial players, including property developers and contractors and technical advisors.

We have in-depth knowledge of the challenges involving the procurement rules relating to a public owner’s construction of new buildings and renovations etc. We have conducted, and won, cases before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement (Klagenævnet for Udbud) that have resulted in some of the most landmark decisions in recent years and every day we provide advice to public owners about how best to structure tender proceedings so that they create most value and make most financial sense.

Our assistance

We assist with construction law issues:

  • the formation of contracts;
  • the ongoing advice during the performance of the work; and
  • the handling of disputes, including expert surveys and appraisals, mediation and conducting arbitration.

Based on our solid knowledge of the general types of contract in the industry, we also provide advice when clients wish to develop their forms of collaboration and test alternative procedures in connection with projects, including in relation to project development agreements and public private cooperation (OPP).

Our experience

Examples of cases that we are/have been involved in: assistance to the Danish Building and Property Agency with a number of their impressive constructions (the new buildings for the University of Copenhagen, the Mærsk building at the Panum complex, the Niels Bohr Science Building, AU Health etc.), the Capital Region of Denmark with the current constructions of new hospitals with a contract price running into billions of Danish kroner, Femern A/S with the establishment of the fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt, a number of cooperative housing societies with renovation projects and new constructions, including by using different forms of cooperation with private players, the Danish Probation and After-Care Service with the establishment of a new prison in Southern Denmark, property developers with property projects in and outside Copenhagen as well as a large number of other current and interesting cases.


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