International relations

We have close relations with leading law firms throughout the world.

International relations

Global reach

Our clients act in a globalized world and so do we. We have close relations with leading law firms throughout the world and we are constantly developing and expanding such relations in order to provide seamless services to our clients in cross-border matters. By having in-depth knowledge of the expertise and values of each of our international relations we position ourselves to ensure that our international partners will deliver expert advice meeting our demanding quality standards in a timely and efficient manner to our clients.


We are an independent law firm and entirely free to choose the best match of international partners for – or together with – our clients in each case. We evaluate and consolidate our relations and experiences with international partners on an on-going basis and consult internally across the firm to find the best match for each matter.


We have great experience with cross-border matters and we have a structured, cost efficient and quality oriented approach to setting and managing a cross-border team. We understand the importance of structuring and consolidating input from various jurisdictions into one well-structured and to-the-point product for our clients.

Outbound services

We strive to follow our domestic clients across the globe and assist them in engaging, instructing and managing local counsel. We always aim to ensure that the advice and services delivered by local counsels meet our client’s need by applying our knowledge of the client, and its business, key objectives and relevant stakeholders.

Many of our lawyers have been working in jurisdictions outside of Denmark and have great understanding of both international law practice and how to proactively mitigate and manage inherent cultural differences.