Practice areas

We provide advice on venture and private equity funds with a special focus on the requirements for their management and organisation.

Venture and private equity funds

We help venture and private equity funds comply with the requirements for their management, including the application for managing alternative investment funds and in relation to any subsequent changes in the fund or the management.

Our advice

Our assistance includes advice on compliance with the requirements for:

  • the organisation
  • the liquidity and risk management
  • the remuneration
  • the capital structure
  • the depositary
  • transparency, etc

The requirements are based on directives and are administered by the Danish FSA.

We have extensive experience in interpreting the EU rules in general and we have in-depth knowledge of the Danish FSA's administration of the Danish Alternative Investment Fund Managers etc Act and other financial regulation.

Our experience

Our experience in the area includes applying for an authorisation to be a manager of an alternative investment fund and the interpretation of a number of provisions of the Danish Alternative Investment Fund Managers etc Act and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (the AIFM Directive).

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