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In a time of societal digitalisation, the need for cyber security is pivotal. The threat against information and systems locally and in cyberspace is also on the rise.

Cyber security

In a time of societal digitalisation, the need for cyber security is pivotal. The threat against information and systems locally and in cyberspace is also on the rise.

Any breach of cyber security such as hacker, DDoS and phishing attacks infringes rights, reduces productivity and is damaging to the trust between business partners, customers and citizens. Legislation, for instance the data protection law rules, the NIS Directive and sector-specific rules for example the rules applying to the financial sector, also stipulates security requirements. That is why cyber security is crucial for the activities, integrity and success of both private enterprises and public authorities, and for Danish national security. In addition, it will often be a positive business case to make certain that security measures are in place.

Our assistance

Do you need any help with your cyber security project, for example when specifying the requirements to be fulfilled by an IT provider in connection with outsourcing, purchases of state-of-the-art security solutions or ensuring compliance?

Do you work on IT and technology projects that include security aspects and do you need legal knowledge and technical, operative and commercial understanding of business? Then we have the team to help you.

We understand the commercial side of both private and public organisations working in regulated environments. Great technical and commercial insight based on work for many years on big technology acquisitions, including acquisitions of IT infrastructure and IT systems for the biggest governmental IT customers and acquisitions of equipment for the Danish Armed Forces and the Danish National Police.

Examples of your needs

  • Identification of the needs in relation to cyber security

  • Advice based on hands-on experience in contractual support of cyber security scaled for the customer's needs. For example, we are able to assist you with a specification of requirements of complex regulatory requirements and technical standards such as ISO27001:2013 and SANS CIS Critical Security Controls based on a tested concept. We have assisted a large number of clients with drafting security requirement specifications and we have also assisted the Danish Agency for Digitisation Organisation with the security control document for suppliers called "Sådan stiller du krav til din leverandør om informationssikkerhed" which is available online.

  • Negotiations with suppliers about security

  • Compliance with relevant rules, for example the Data Protection Regulation, the legislation on security of network and information systems (NIS), the Danish Companies Act, etc. We have developed a "comply-or-explain security concept" that supports a GAP analysis and compliance documentation.

  • Assistance with disputes about security breaches

  • Planning and executing cyber security projects

  • Scoping according to the relevant methods such as MoSCoW

  • Handling cyber security in a context involving the procurement rules, including the use of preliminary market consultations and flexible tender procedures

  • Advice on questions about national cyber security

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