Practice areas

We provide advice to public construction authorities and enterprises, infrastructure managers and the Danish Government and the local authorities as well as to landowners on all aspects of acquisitions of land and rights in connection with the completion of big infrastructure and construction projects.

Acquisitions of land and pipework

Poul Schmith's attorneys working in the areas of the use of land and pipe work are specialists in compulsory acquisitions, the law relating to adjoining properties, the legislation on public roads and the “guest principle” applying to pipes.

We provide assistance with

  • drafting and negotiating the agreements on acquisitions of land
  • securing right
  • drafting the covenant material
  • providing advice in respect of questions of damages and expenses relating to pipe work when rerouting supply lines etc.

Forum on piping

Poul Schmith has set up a professional forum in the piping area for public authorities and construction companies which holds events three to four times annually and where we give presentations about current issues in the piping area. Click here for more information (in Danish).

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