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Legal experts in Denmark

Poul Schmith

With a staff of more than 500 persons, we are one of Denmark’s largest and leading law firms. We have substantial experience within the private as well as the public sector. Our specialists cover all legal areas, and with almost 2,000 court cases a year we have unparalleled litigation expertise.

We advise private companies and public authorities.

The meaning of Kammeradvokaten

Since 1936, we have been the primary legal adviser to the Danish government. This is reflected in the Danish word "Kammeradvokaten", which means advisor to the King's chamber and is part of our firm's name. The office to "Kammeradvokaten" goes back a long time. It was created by King Christian V in 1684, where the first "Kammeradvokat" was appointed.

The terms of our relationship with the government is set out in an agreement with the Danish Ministry of Finance.
Similar to other Danish law firms, we are subject to the Danish Administration of Justice Act and the ethical rules for lawyers on conflicts of interest. Due to our agreement with the Danish government, we do not advise on matters involving the risk of a conflict of interest with the government.

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